Final post…

If you liked following this trip, check out our blog for 2017. Another opportunity to serve in Merida!


Cenotes Video

I made a quick video of the sink hole (cenotes) experience…after days of some incredible challenging work, it was good to let loose! I’ve said it many times but these students and leaders are amazing!

We are in the air

Your students and these leaders are simply amazing…I really mean that! We had an incredible Friday working our tails off and finally got the roof on the new dining hall at Blas Pascal! Whew!! It was such a busy day we could not post but pics are coming. For now, we are in the air! We got up at 3:00AM this morning and loaded the buses for Cancun…that bus ride to Cancun was SO quiet! See you soon!

 Fun at the Cenotes

So, what is a cenotes? It is a sinkhole with water and it’s very cool! We took a break on Thursday from work to rest our muscles for Friday (although climbing a rock face does not seem like much rest but it was fun!). Take a look at the video and you may not believe your eyes! Ok, video will be posted later…trust me, it was a blast!